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Prosthodontics (a word that is, admittedly, hard to pronounce and spell) is the dental specialty that centers around replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function.

We specialize in treating patients with complex dental problems, including people who:

  • struggle receiving treatment at the office of a general dentist
  • need complex dental reconstructions
  • have a shade of teeth that's hard to match
  • are allergic to different types of dental materials
  • have abnormal bites
  • have discolored, chipped, or decayed teeth and need a number of crowns
  • have small or misshapen teeth
  • have missing teeth due to illness, injury, or disease
  • have a congenital or genetic disorder
  • have compromised dental health due to prescription medications
  • have TMJ disorders

Prosthodontists receive three years of specialty training after dental school, and Dr. Gallegos is one of the few female prosthodontists in Colorado.

For more information about prosthodontics or to schedule an appointment, please call (303) 316-4034, or e-mail frontoffice@happysmileeat.com.

Please note: Our dental office is centrally located in Denver, at 90 Madison Street in Cherry Creek North.